Katniss Reaping Hairstyle Tutorial!

This must be done on a medium to long haired doll 

1. IMG_2109

Get your doll and brush out her hair the way you normally do it


2. IMG_2111

Next part your dolls hair evenly (Note: Sorry I didn’t do it very evenly -Sophie) 



Next Braid the hair



Next take a bobby pin and pin it to the braid like this (Do to other side too)



Next pull them up and pin them near where the other braid begins



And your done you can pin any stray hairs down


~ AGHungerGamesFan4503


2 thoughts on “Katniss Reaping Hairstyle Tutorial!

  1. Thank you so Much for following my blog! It made me so happy when I found out. And you are my VERY FIRST FOLLOWER!!!
    (I know the comment says 5happydays but it is actually supposed to be Forever an American Girl.)
    The hair style is adorable! I am trying it out on my dolls.

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